Key sort improvement, highlight chromatically compatible keys

Top: current layout. Bottom: idea, chromatically compatible key signatures are in green.

As I mentioned in comments to another idea, current “Sort by Key” feature is implemented way better than Camelot Wheel (aka Circle of Fifth), because key signatures are ordered in very smart way. Key signature of currently loaded track is highlighted in red, together with its relative minor or major. Two key signatures on top and bottom of “red” keys are chromatically compatible, i.e sound good with “red” key signatures.

Why not to highlight them too, lets say in green? It would be much easier to scroll. Don’t forget to highlight F/Dm (bottom of list) in case Am/C are selected (top of list). Thank you!

Hi Juri,

thank you very much for your idea and the in detail descriptions of your request.
Please guys up vote Juris post to push this topic.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.