Key wheel colours in the Queue for easy harmonic mixing

I like how it’s done in other DJ software where a colour indicates songs key. If colours were used in the queue it would be easy to see where you have a problems in your queue. That would save time thinking about the wheel and make harmonic mixing super easy.

You know that when you sort your library by key that it sorts it according to compatible harmonics?

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Hey Kris, 

this Idea is also very nice! Thanks for your massive support!Best regards, 

I would agree!! Or at least be compatible with the Mixed in Key software, which also, aside from the color coding of key and mood, inputs automatic queue points, saving tons of time organizing and sorting through your music library.

Of course, but you can’t always just mix by Key nor can you by just BPM. The automatic Que points are an awesome thing though! Saves TONS of time. I’m pretty sure the new version of Serato has it as well. I like DJay for what I’m doing now…I’m pretty done with the club scene.

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It would be great if DJay could highlight the most appropriate songs based on key. Maybe a green, yellow, red colour system for songs in the appropriate Camelot key?

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I’m not sure if there’s any issue in using the Camelot Wheel system specifically if it is protected in any way, but I’m working to memorize the basic Circle of Fifths either way.

My request would be at the very least, in addition to highlighting the current Key/Minor Key in Red or Green (iTunes vs Spotify), also highlight the compatible keys (perhaps in Yellow and Cyan for iTunes and Spotify respectively). That would give a very quick visual cue to if the song was in an adjacent harmonic domain.

As it stands, in a small playlist when I sort by Key, if I don’t have an evenly populated list I can’t count on the next major key I see actually being a neighbor on the wheel (hence the basic memorization). That is to say, if I sort by key, and I have songs in C major and D major but nothing in G, then the D will show up adjacent to the C group even though it’s technically two steps away.