Keyboard shorcut suggestions for Voice over users on mac.

Adding a keyboard shortcut to toggle sorting options for tracks would be great for voiceover screen reader users on mac?
Otherwise the action seems to be impossible. Also the ability to move tracks up or down a playlist with a keyboard shorgcut would be helpful as well.
Again this issue is only for Deejay Pro AI on Mac Os.

Hi, I’m a user of DJay for Mac with Voiceover and dhave no sight at all.

It’s possible to sort playlists by entering the playlist table as you would normally, then press the VO keys with shift and the backslash key, which is the one to the bottom left of the enter or return key.

This will take you to the header in the table and you can just select which of these items you want to sort by.

You need to press the same key combination again to return to normal.

When you are in the header, it’s also possible to bring up the context menu, by pressing the VO keys with shift and the letter M.
You can then check or uncheck items you don’t want to be displayed in your playlist.

As for moving tracks up or down the playlist order, I’m afraid I don’t know.
I use Apple Music to manage my playlists, so if I need to add or remove tracks, change their order etc, then I do that in there and the changes show in DJay.

Hi, When I try that key combination it opens the voice over user guide.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I’m guessing you’re pressing VO plus shift and the key to the left of the left shift key.

Instead of that key to the left of the shift key, go up a row and to your right, it’s the last smaller key you get to before the return/enter key.

Back slash is actually above the return key farthest right.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while.
Thanks for your help.