Keyboard shortcut/MIDI control for switching Neural Mix Filter Knob Mode

Add keyboard shortcut/MIDI control for switching Neural Mix Fader knob mode. (Instrumental vs Acappella / Percussive vs Tonal components)

I would like to be able to easily switch between ideas as soon as they occur to me.

Also, the current specification resets the knob position when switching modes, but I personally prefer that the knob position before switching is retained.

Thanks for the suggestion @discocactus. I’ve sent this to the dev team. In the meantime, please use the vote button so we can gauge user demand for this. Thanks!

Hi @discocactus, would one keyboard shortcut to change all decks at the same time would suffice, or do we need this on a per deck level?

Hi @Slak_Jaw,
Thank you for reply.
I would like a shortcut/control to switch modes per deck.
If deck A is playing a vocal track while deck B is playing an instrumental track, the appropriate mode will be different for deck A and deck B.

You’re welcome @discocactus. Thanks for the clarification.