Keyboard shortcuts for deck 3 and 4(djay pro)

Was really excited to see that pro added two more decks but so far have been thwarted in my attempts to map even basic commands for deck 3 and 4. (Note this is not about mapping for a dj midi controller but macbook pro keyboard)

Even just being able to trigger 'start from cue" (deck 3/4) with keyboard shortcut would be a big help.


-Getback Grey

Still looking for those 8 cue points…

But then how do you access points 4-8 on a WeGo3 controller? Only 4 cue points on that controller?
And please add keyboard shortcuts for 4-8!

I changed this topic to an idea. Thank you for your feedback!

As there is only a limited amount of Keyboard Shortcuts, there are no Keyboard Shortcuts for Cue Points 4 - 8.

No ideas yet? Also noticed that recent djay pro update included support for 8 cue points, but I do not see a way to access this through keyboard shortcuts

Any ideas? I do not see a way to access cues (5-8) without a controller.

Still not shortcut for play/pause deck 3 and 4??? It’s been quite some time now…