Kontrol S2 MK3 Master Volume

Hey Folks:
The master volume on my S2 MK3 controller seems to be having issues, out of the box, with Djay Pro. When the knob on the controller is at 12:00, the master volume is very low, even after turning up the volume on my speakers. I have to turn the master volume on the S2 controller to about 3:00 in order to get a proper workable volume level.

I’m not sure if this is related, but the volume for the microphone is also very low, even when I have the gain on the back of the controller at full volume.

FYI, I did check the Settings in Djay Pro and those volume levels are correct.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with that particular model and have any solutions? BTW, I had a Denon DJ MC4000 controller that I borrowed from a friend, and all worked pretty flawlessly with Djay Pro, levels included.

Also, I have an iPad Pro 2018 model (3rd gen).


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