Kontrol z-1 is not recognized as midi device suddenly

Hi, recently I updated djay pro 2 ver 2.1.4 to 2.2.4.
After that , djay pro has recognized my kontrol z-1 of native instruments as a midi device.
I was very glad and set the configuration, played a few times.

However, suddenly it is not recognized.
I can choose to set kontrol z-1 as master and monitor on devices in preference, but “not find any midi devices” in MIDI tab. Of cause devices is not worked at all.

Do you have any idea to fix this ?

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Hi @shizkaendo,

Thank you for getting in touch. Did you set the KONTROL Z1 into MIDI mode in order to allow MIDI communication with djay Pro 2? You can find the designated guide on how to do so here.

Hi, Lukas.

Z1 is only lighting when I connect with the PC, it is just one second.
I have known that how to switch to the MIDI mode with pressing “mode, A and B”, but it not worked, not lighted, not accepted any action of Z1.

Although Z1 is recognized in preferences on Djay pro2 and audio midi setting on mac, still MIDI on Djay pro2 says “not find any midi devices” .

Today I updated 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 with a little hope if it could connect with z1 just like updated 2.1.4 to 2.2.4, but still not accepted.

Plz Help!

Could you check if the controller is sending any MIDI signals at all? You can do so with a MIDI monitoring software like this one.

I don’t know the way i use is correct or not coz i just launched, but midi monitor doesn’t show any message at all.

Hello Lukas,

Las night I tried with other way , please take a look.

My Mac book pro with my friend’s Mixtour on Djay pro2 :
worked perfectly.
Recognized macbook, djay pro2, audio midi of Mac, midi monitor app you recommended.

My friend’s PC(windows) with my kontrol z-1 on virtual dj :
worked perfectly.

So, there might be a problem with djay pro2 or my mac book itself.
Please give me any advice.

Do you open the Native Instruments Controller Editor every time you want to use the Z1?

The steps are…

  1. set the Z1 to MIDI mode
  2. initialise the controller via the Native Instruments Controller Editor
  3. check if the controller sends MIDI signals to MIDI monitor

You can download the Controller Editor here.

Hey Lukas,

Thank you, my kontrol z-1 has recognized with djay pro when i just downloaded controller editor.
Before that, z-1 is not lit any button.
But just downloaded, it worked synchronized perfectly.

So is this controller editor is the necessary thing to work with djay pro?
If not recognized again, it must be open and initialized again?

Native Instruments controllers in general need the controller editor to work with MIDI, this is nothing djay Pro specific. Please make sure to initialise the controller before using it with djay Pro and you are good to go :slight_smile:

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