Korg NanoKontrol 2

Santa’s been kind and got me one the above for Christmas. I’m working on a mapping for it now, currently looking like this:


Basic workflow is that you select your deck, then all the subsequent controls are mapped to that - so you get 4 channel Neural Mix volumes, 4 channel Neural Mix EQ, 3 channel traditional EQ, full control of the Type + Param + Wet/Dry of the 3 FX, plus the filter. You also get some basic controls for play/sync/cue + jog + track select + tempo for all decks. This gives you some basic access to a 4 deck set up.

Not added to the diagram because it makes it too messy, but:
SHIFT + FX1 Prev = toggle FX1 to drums / deck
SHIFT + FX1 Next = toggle FX1 to harmonics / deck
SHIFT + FX1 Enable = toggle FX1 to vocals / deck
… plus the same for FX2 + FX3

I’ve mapped it to work nicely alongside the Numark DJ2Go2 Touch. 99% of the time I only use 2 decks, so the 4 deck thing is just a ‘nice to have’. Based on a couple of quick mixes today, it’s a pretty effective set up to convert the DJ2Go2 into a low-cost beast of a (2 deck) controller for Djay Pro, harnessing all of the (IMO) cool features of the software.

I’ve no idea how to export the mappings from an iPad, but as soon as I work that one out, I’ll post it up here. Or you could just map it based on the description above :slight_smile: