L/R splitter/breakout cable. Main output is mono?

Am I right in thinking that when you use one of these cables for headphones/main audio output, each signal is mono?

If so, is this not an issue for sound quality in the main output?

  1. Main audio will be mono. Make sure to enable split cue in the software.

  2. Headphone audio will also be mono.

  3. If there is a hit to sound quality, it’s more likely the 3.5mm jacks/wiring, which is more prone to noise, interference and signal degradation.

  4. Keeping the wires short and direct to the mixer/amp/speakers will help minimize sound quality issues.

Mono audio is generally considered superior for dance floors, bars, clubs, festivals etc. Stereo audio has restrictions and sound quality issues in those situations.

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Running stereo tracks in mono can cause issues though, with things being cancelled out etc.

Ideally the producer should check their mix in mono but these days with people making tracks on their laptops, it doesn’t always happen.

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