Lack of hardware support.....

Hopefully Algoriddim will finally provide support for more Hardware now Mojaxx has outed them…
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Mojaxx doesn’t think so…skip to 16min 25sec to hear Mojaxx announce that he’d switch to Djay if they natively supported more controllers such as the new Hercules Inpulse T7 and industry standard club setups.

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That’s the thing. I think Algoriddim are trying to make a mixing environment where you don’t need 20lbs worth of buttons and jogwheels.
Laidback Luke gets it. He’s embracing the future of DJing. I feel it will morph into Augmented reality type thing.


@Stuart_Burton I have combined your two topics to help keep the discussion more organized. Thanks.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

I have made it one of my personal missions to push this topic with the dev team since joining Algoriddim a couple of months ago. Rest assured that this has been heard internally, but please understand that we have a small team and this will take some time to address. Please also understand that there are some limitations imposed by hardware manufacturers that are outside our control. Thanks again!


Your Info is much appreciated & thats understandable, I just Hope that if there’s a permanent limitation that’s keeping the Hercules T7 (or any other controller) from being part of the DJ hardware, that they would just make an announcement that they will not be able to do it, that way people can move on to the next controller that works with DJAY, I kind of bought one knowing it would not work with DJAY At the moment, but hoping that maybe it would in the future, probably my fault for getting my hopes up lol, but if all else fails I wouldn’t mind just getting a cheap 500 to use just with DJAY if I needed to…

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My personal recommendation as a long time djay Pro user and active member of this community has been NOT to purchase any new hardware that isn’t already on the officially supported hardware list in hopes that support will be coming soon (DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim).
As a general rule, due to the dynamic nature of software development, Algoriddim does not share timelines or release dates. Basically, when it’s ready it will be released and announced.


Thank you so much for replying @Slak_Jaw

I know for a fact it means so much to a community, if we know your listening and get a reply.

From my limited knowledge and understanding, I believe the biggest issue users have in creating their own mappings for controllers is the jogwheels.

Maybe in the short term, the Algoriddim team could just create some Jogwheel mappings that could be downloaded, or even just a list of parameter values.

I know this would go a long way to keeping a lot of DJ’s happy until resources are available to create full mappings.

The Algoriddim Djay software has come such a long way…
Critics said you’d never be able to break into the turntablist market or go head to head with the big players such as Serato, Rekordbox etc, and you proved them wrong.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you create native mappings for Legacy Traktor controllers, you’d instantly get all their users to jump to Djay because they’ve been left unsupported by Traktor/Native Instruments for so long now.

The Traktor S8 is crying out for a Djay stems mapping, and having 4 faders per channel for for stems control, make it still the most advanced stems controller on the market IMO.

Also, if you quickly get a mapping out for the Hercules Inpulse T7, you’ll manage to scoop a lot of Serato turntablists.
But you’ll have to be quick… Serato will be frantically trying to catch up with your latest beatgridding and Stems technology, so you need to get them ASAP.

I wish you luck.

Good reply @Timothy_Refile

It does however upset me slightly when I read so many DJ’s saying “I think I’ll just have to buy a cheap controller that works with Djay” (or words to that effect)

Dj’s shouldn’t be having to compromise on the hardware they use. We should be able to use our favourite hardware, with our favourite software!

Rant over

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I understand where you are coming from @Stevie_Ray and thank you for your reply to this thread…

The thing is, Algoriddim sell software.
In my opinion, they need to win over Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ and Legacy Traktor users, before they start pushing the envelope of controller-less setups. (If that is their plan)

If Algoriddim pursue setups without hardware too soon, they’ll struggle to get their competitors users to jump ship.

Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

Stay safe.

Too bad Apple wont make an “ipad for DJ’s” :rofl:, same ipad but 2 aux ports, or, 2 in, 2 out, and 2 usb-c ports lol (for cueing in stereo instead of Mono like the “splitter”) no controller needed then lol

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For examle for iOS, the device needs to be class compliant, full midi compatible etc.
So it the hw vendor doesn’t want to support iOS, then there is not much Algoriddim can do.

For macOS, it’s simple as hw vendor can do a device driver and if the hw is midi compatible with the driver, then the integration should be possible to do…

Another example : if the hw vendor doesn’t want to give enough info how screens works, then it might take a very long time to figure out how screens works.

It’s business and if there isn’t business deal with hw vendor and Algoriddim to get device X to be compatible for operating system Y… yeah, we’ll wait for ever.

So what I’m saying: at the moment a lot of hw vendors doesn’t see iOS to be the future of professional dj’s.

I agree so much with the s8(and the others in that generation of traktor controllers) comment, but would it ever be possible for full functionality with IOS @Slak_Jaw? as they use a non-standard interface that @dj_romy_fi mentioned

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here you go. Try this and shoot me some feedback

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