Lag Problems = Djay Pro + Mac + Pioneer Wego3

Ive been using Djay pro for years without any problems but have a new macbook and now getting lag after about 4 hours of using the software.

It’s fine up until then, but then the controller gets really laggy.

I DJ weddings so I need it functioning for 6-7 hours which never used to be problem.

This has now happened with Djay Pro 2 last week, so I switched back to Djay Pro 1, but had the exact same issue.

I’m not sure what it could be.

My setup…

  • Macbook Pro 2017 retina (USB-C ports) - Mojave - 16 gig - 1 TB space.
  • Pioneer Wego3
  • External hard drive with my music on it
  • Djay Pro 1 & 2

My previous Macbook was 2015 with the standard USB ports, and also had Mojave.
Never had any lag issues with it.

Because the new mac needs usb-c, I have the usb-c to usb adaptor for my external hard drive, and also an adaptor for the cable that runs from the wego3, to the macbook. (usb-b to usb).

Would getting a USB C to USB B cable would improve performance, rather than using the adaptors?

Any ideas on what is causing the lag after 4 hours?

Please help!! Thank you in advance

Also to try and fix it mid performance, I restarted Djay Pro and pulled out the cables from the Macbook, but the lag was still there once I restarted.

Any ideas on what is causing this lag after a few hours?

I just re-installed the Pioneer WeGo3 firmware… hopefully that might solve the problem.

But still after any other suggestions so it doesn’t happen at again at my next gig.