Lag when triggering saved loops

I’ve noticed that triggering saved loops results in a 1/8th to 1/16th beat lag if the song has its tempo raised or lowered at all from its default BPM.

Song at default BPM = saved loops trigger on beat.
Song at even +1 BPM tempo = saved loop triggers with terrible lag.

It’s nice that after *4 years* Algoriddim added saved loops, but with this implementation, it’s still an unusable feature. I’m not waiting around for years for someone to fix this. Moving to Serato in 1 week if there isn’t an easy answer.

[MacOS / 16GB machine (more than enough) / replicated this issue on 3 different compatible controllers]

EDIT: Looks like this isn’t an issue with track tempo, but with key lock. If you lock the key of the song – no matter if the tempo is altered or not – saved loops will trigger with lag.

So, the workaround is to choose between using key lock or using saved loops. Big, big bummer for a working DJ.