Large problem.cant find anything to help

Hi everyone… I have searched google and this forum but can’t find anything to help.
I have an iPad 3 with iOS 7.0.3 and my djay 2 is up to date.
I am using vestax spin the original and every 4/7 minutes the iPad will disconnect the spin and then immediately reconnect it but this lapses the music for around 3 seconds. I have changed the connected to the iPad with no difference. I’m guessing it’s a software but or issue because it is always the same and the cable is completely still. Please help! Thanks in advance, Lloyd.

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for contacting us.

Do you have the official Camera Connection Kit? Also, which power adapter are you using?

Generally speaking, if your Spin keeps losing connection with the iPad, then this can only mean a hardware problem. You can try using the Spin with another iPad or a different adapter. And if the result is the same on different iPads/adapters, then it’s most likely your Spin.

In this case, please kindly contact Vestax support directly.