Hello i am a Deejay 2 user in an iPad Air 2. In your last updated i have noticed 2 important changes:

  1. The precueing method is different, in the version before you have to pulse the song for a while and it stars to play, now you have three dots on the right córner of the song and when you pulse the songs starts to play. This is a bad improve because when you search a song in the search box you cant do the precueing because the dots dont apears, you have to put in a deck to do the precueing.

  2. now the gain buttom doesnt works!!

Please, can you help me? I think that you have 2 importat bugs on the last version.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback Oscar and apologies about the delay in getting back. The team has already been investigating this very issue and found a solution. We are releasing an update within the next days which addresses the gain and precue issues specifically.

Algoriddim employees are here to help…


Thank you for support in the lastima update i hace noticed that you have resolved the bugs.

Thank you for your support. I will be waiting for the next updated. Deejay2 is the best application for Ipad that i have ever tried, and i have tried lot really. Please, dont change the functions that works right now only improve the ones that not.