Last version before djay2 and how to get it?

Hi! How can I buy or update from paid djay app for iphone v1.6.3 to last version of the previous djay? Is it v1.6.5? Thanks!


djay 1 (1.6.5) can still be downloaded via App Store -> Purchases if you already own it. So, to update to djay 1.6.5 to djay 1.6.3, you might need to delete djay 1.6.3 from your iPad/iPhone first and then download the latest version under “Purchases”. I recommend checking the “Purchases” list in the App Store and find djay first before deleting the older version. If you’ve accumulated a lot of apps in your purchase history, it might be slightly more difficult to find djay. So please find djay first before deleting. 

Issue for those iPad 1 owners who want to purchase Djay right now. Not my case, because i already bought it. But my brother just bought a second hand iPad 1 and he is not able to buy djay. Could be that Guetta edition a decent replacement? Does it work the same, aside of all the Guetta stuff? Anyway, Was it that hard to keep selling the older versions? Come on, previous ipads and iPhones wont suddenly fade out.

Auto reply: yes , that guetta edition retains all the funcionality so it could solve this issue, at a slightly higher price.…

Same problem but for ipad

Me too… Need the ipad version too !!!

I dont want to but à copy just upgrade.

so if i download this version the dj live will work on ipad 1

How can I get the app in the states? The app store says it is not available in the U.S. app store. Can I pay the developer directly and have it emailed to me?…

This is the link I found for the early version. Perhaps it’s the wrong one?