Latency bug in djay pro2 2.2.5

Djay pro 2 upgrade 2.2.5 has a bug with the latency, I have tried two different controllers and I tried it on my Mac and two I-pads. I analyzed all my songs and still have a problem. Has anyone else experience this?

I have also seen the same issue using, at times the software is not registering that I am touching or moving the platters from the top, other times there is a few seconds latency:

Djay Pro v2.2.5
MacOS 10.15.6
Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Same issue with mixtrack platinum and IPad on latest version

I also have a problem with the current djay app on my ipad mini4 using a pioneer ddj400. The setup used to be brilliant, but recently it has become sluggish and the response between moving the midi controls and affecting the audio are making me wonder how long before it becomes completely unusable.

It’s all very well bringing out new features; but when they aren’t compatible with existing devices then we should still have access to the last working versions of the app in order to justify the subscription price.


Totally agree with mattcatt here, the problems caused by adding new features is a total joke. App is becoming a nuissance and i am looking to go elsewhere as its problem after problem. Concentrate on perfecting the app for general use before adding in aload of new unnecessary features.


Same issue using Pioneer DDJ 1000 as well as just using the keyboard cues.