Latency when Skipping Forward and Backward

  • Device model (MacBook Pro 14" M3 16GB RAM):
  • Version of operating system (macOS Sonoma 14.3.1):
  • Version of djay (v5.1.7):
  • Hardware/controllers used (Pioneer DDJ-T1):

Latency Forward and Rewind

Hello everyone, I have a problem with DJay. I have mapped keyboard shortcuts to Forward and Rewind as “F” and “G”. I’m pressing the “F” and “G” keys for forward and rewind while I was playing. But those functions are not instant. That is a big problem in live playing.

I recorded a video of this situation.

Can you check your quantisation settings to see what that are. On iOS I have mine to 1/2. Works very well.

I’ve already set the same but it’s the same again.

Hi @n421m, thanks for the video. This is very helpful.

  1. It looks like you have Loop In on while you are trying to skip forward and backward. Does this delay happen in you are not trying to set a loop at the same time?
  2. I also noticed that Neural Mix is active. Do you get this same delay with Neural Mix off?
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I haven’t used to Loop controls and Neural Mix but the same.

Hi @n421m, thank for the additional info. What is the music source, file format and file location you are using? For example mp3s stored on your internal drive, wav files stored on an external drive, streaming services, etc…

.mp3 files from MacBook’s SSD.

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Thanks for the info.

I checked with the engineering team and this is a known limitation when skipping forward/backward with Keylock activated. Please confirm if turning Keylock Off removes the latency. Thanks!

That works! but I need both (keylock and rewind/forward) for live performance. I think I must prefer either.

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Thanks for confirming. The dev team is aware of this limitation and is actively investigating options, however, this is unfortunately not a trivial fix and has significant performance implications. In the meantime, if possible, try to keep your track tempo close to original tempo so the change in key is less noticeable when Keylock is off and you need to perform beat jumps.