Latency with DVS on MacOS after about 20 minutes of playing - fine if app is restarted


I have an almost 1 second latency delay for DVS control after about 30 minutes of playing on MacOS. The MIDI latency for mixing control seems fine, so I think this is an audio problem only. If I simply restart the app, no restart of the audio interface needed, all works fine.

Latency issue after 30 minutes of playing:

After application restart, latency issue resolved:

I’m wondering if this is a MacOS power saving function or something… There is no latency issue if I use my iPhone with same interface/controller/USB cable.

DJ Pro AI v4.1.4 (just updated last night)

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)
1.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

BCD-3000 (yes I know it’s old but is pretty unique, can support vinyl input, compact, and has jog wheels)

Thanks for any tips to help fix this!

Just adding… Music source: Tidal streaming.



Thanks for sharing this post along with the included videos!

Our teams have not been able to reproduce this issue since our initial review of your post.

Has this been continuing to happen since the latest v4.1.6 update?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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I believe I have solved this! As discussed, this latency concern only occurred on Mac, all good on iOS. I have really been trying to get the laptop to work, though, because it’s so much easier to find songs/scroll library. Great to know that I can use the iPhone as a backup though!

So it appears that my BCD-3000 becomes an “aggregate” device in Apple Audio MIDI Setup (this is a control panel type program that you need to search for on your computer to load it). Because there are 4 audio channels on this mixer (plus MIDI) and it’s all going through USB, Mac appears to aggregate all the channels (combine) this device.

There is a setting called “drift correction” which appears to resample the channels to keep them in sync… Well that’s fine if we want our inputs to stay in sync, but what is happening when they are resampled is that they are getting out of sync with the software! Since the input channels are in the same box (hardware synced) they don’t need this drift correction enabled!

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 11.08.42 PM

I did a 30 minute mix tonight and DVS latency was tight!

I did notice that if I unplug my BCD-3000 and plug it back in, Drift Correction gets enabled again, even if I delete the device in Apple Audio MIDI Setup. Well no big deal if I have to make these two clicks before each session.

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Hey - So glad that you’ve managed this! It’s super helpful that you’ve provided your solution along with us as well.

We thank you and appreciate you very much for this. Feel free to reach out should anything else come up, and have a great day!


Little update, but concept remains the same.

Djay creates an aggregated device on startup everytime, so you will need to adjust the device settings any time you boot the application or plug in your controller.

I have to choose “BCD-2” as the “Clock” because those are the input channels, and keep Drift Correction on the BCD-1 output channels.

I made a little video: