Latest 4.0.7 Update

Hi Guys,
4.0.7 Update is now out…
I have updated my test/backup iPad and so far so good…
It appears to have fixed one of the issues that midi controllers were having regarding the search/load function…

Let us know what you guys think and let us know if you have found any glitches in it…

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Really appreciate the posts here announcing new updates, thank you! Here are the release notes:

• Improved track loading via MIDI controllers/
mixers with separate browse knobs per deck
• Improved drift robustness for RANE ONE, RANE
TWELVE, and Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7
• Fixed fuzzy key match not working in some
• Fixed sync not working correctly with DVS when
deck is switched to INT and back
• Various bugfixes and improvements


my phone is telling me there’s a v4.0.8 that clears up “a potential startup problem” on “older devices”

it’s the older devices that catches my attention - where can I see a list of supported hardware/mobile devices? I’m more concerned with MacOS stuff, as my main system is running on an old imac under MacOS 10.15 iirc…

Probably should update the title to Latest 4,0,seeing it has been released this morning