Latest Djay 2 Version

“Introducing Spotify saved songs in media library” (Release notes coming with latest Djay 2 version) What exactly does it mean?

I’ve been testing this since the notes from the update are so ambiguous. What I think is different is Spotify songs that have been played/maybe even just analyzed, remain in a cache. I’m not sure how many songs that cache can hold, or how to clear it out if there are too many songs in it. I think if you had an important playlist and let it play through, you might be good. You will still need to b3 connected to the internet for this to work. If you have hot spot on your phone, this should save on data. I don’t think your internet connection needs to be fast at all to play these songs, it just needs to pass on the play count data so the artists can be paid. I tried saving a few songs locally to my Spotify app, and was wondering if that would be the cache as well. That would be a nce Easter egg since we can save those in “Extreme” quality on the Spotify app side, and sidestep the bitrate limitations imposed in the Djay app. These are just my observations and I would welcome an official response as well as further testing from the community.

Sorry Adrian, but I don’t think that you answer the question…
Besides, look at “New Features list”:

-> Introducing Spotify saved songs in media library (as mentioned above)

-> Enhanced Spotify media library integration with faster loads (ok, I really notice that)

-> Added Support for Spotify song saving ( what do you mean if its not save the Spotify songs?)

→ Others not related to Spotify integration… (ok)

I believe that what everybody wants (I mean deadly wants) is the offline Spotify Premium use (mainly to improve the reliability of DJay for use in a professional environment). Will it ever be possible?

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Sorry guys, we should have gone more into detail:

  1. Spotify delivers a “Song” section. It hasn’t been supported by djay 2 before the latest update. Now, djay 2 shows it at the top of the “Playlists” section.

  2. Furthermore, you can save the history of your “Current Session” to a new playlist within your Spotify Library. Therefore, tap the Spotify icon at the upper middle and tap “Export”.

Sorry adrian … Thats not really the question … In the release notes for the new version of djay 2 it says “introducing spotify saved songs in the media library” … What does it mean?

Please answer. This is like the moment of truth here… LOL