Latest releases not showing in Beatport Link on Djay for Mac.

Hi, is anyone else experiencing problems with Beatport integration?

When I am browsing the playlists on Beatport Link within Djay Pro on Mac, it’s not showing any releases since the 15th of this month.

This is within each genre playlist, under “new”.

Usually there are several hundred releases each day that show up in these playlists, but nothing is there after the 15th, even though I can see on the Beatport website that there have been releases.

Has the integration to Beatport Link been broken in some way, meaning that it’s not being updated with the newest releases as it was last week?

I’ve not changed anything, or updated the software and it’s happening on multiple versions of the software on both my mac and macbook, so not hardware related.

Any help or info much appreciated.


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