Latest update 3.1 public beta version bug

The latest version of djay (3.1) has a bug where it doesn’t ask permission to access the device storage. As a result, any music downloaded and saved to the device is not accessible.

Hi @Wardy1,

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue on the Community. Our Dev Team is aware of the problem, and we are currently investigating this issue.

I’ll link your other thread where you have already corresponded with one of our team members for anyone else who should run across this problem to reference as well:

We’ll keep these threads updated with any news as soon as we have a fix for this issue! Thanks in advance for your patience. :pray:

Hi @Wardy1, I just wanted to let you know that we think this issue should be fixed in the latest beta release. Note that the issue that was fixed was specific to Android 13 devices.

If you’re still experiencing any issues please provide further details about your device type and Android OS version. Thanks! :pray:

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Okay thank you for the update. I will test later. My device is currently running android 12 though.

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