LC6000 on 4 channel setup

I am not impressed by the new update. Seems like bad support for 2 LC6000 connected at the same time using 4 decks.
Also after some hours the software needs to be rebooted. Had a 8 hour gig yesterday, using a Denon MC7000 and only one LC6000. Works fine when used with a mixer on a 2 deck setup.
Btw I love the new 4 deck screen, a huge improvement.
Using a 3 years old MacBook Pro with big screen and plenty of power.
There was a fallout on sound on one of the channels, and only left channel in my headphones at some point.
All issues cleared after reboot of the software, or/and reconnection of the MC7000.

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Hi @RobustaDK,

Thanks for reporting the issues you’ve encountered, and sorry to hear about your experience.

So that our team can get a better idea of what’s going on here, could you please tell me what happens exactly when you connect the 2 LC6000 with 4 decks?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

I did not make a real test, but when I faced the library select button not working I tried to fix it.
The 2 decks was selected as deck 3 and 4. But the library selct button both selected to deck 2.
When changing the midi settings to deck 3 (not “selected deck”) it worked. But I had to save to midi-settings, one per deck. I dropped it, since I did not know what else was not working, and my gig had started. I turned of one of the decks, and played with 3 decks. Same for the next 2 gigs. Witing to see if the next release is going to fix before I start testing again.

I use a MC7000 for deck 1 and 2.

Thanks for sharing the additional information! Our Development Team is looking into this and I’ll keep you updated here when I have more news regarding a fix for the problem. Thanks in advance for your patience! :pray: