Left and right audio channels are uneven

In djay 2 on my iPhone 6 (running the latest iOS which is 8.2 I believe), I played one of my songs, and immediately sensed something was off. The song was Broken by Seether, not the one featuring Amy Lee, which on the left side has the rhythm guitar and the right side is the lead. I could hear the rhythm guitar just fine, but the right channel I could hear just barely. I tested out the song on the regular music app and it sounded like it was supposed to. I checked my settings, and mono was turned off, and the audio channels were even. I then tested with another song (which has the guitar parts in two different audio channels) in both djay and the music app and it was also doing the same thing. Is there a feature that I can adjust the audio channels? Or is it a glitch in the app? Thanks!

Hi Jodi,

* Which djay version do you have? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the exact version number.
* Is “Split Output” perhaps enabled?
* If possible, can you send a test song to support(at)algoriddim.com?

I have Version 2.7.2. I checked and Split Output isn’t enabled. I’m planning on sending a song soon.