Let’s Talk About The Future ……..

Hello Everyone,

Im new to this forum, been djing since I could pick up a vinyl record!!

Over my many years, I have seen music technology and in particular DJ technology evolve at a great pace. I’ve used vinyl, CDjs, then moved to the digital era using timecode cds and then midi controllers.

I am now more of a casual hobbyist and value my time more and more, so I am excited that now we can dj with our favourite streaming service, and not have to spend hours searching Beatport and Dj city to download and import tracks into our software of choice.

After testing all manner of dj software, I have settled for the most convenient setup: iPad/with Magic Keyboard, DJAY Pro, DDJ-FLX4 controller. Simple, very portable for house parties etc.

I like the snappiness of the user interface, everything just has an “Apple” feel to it. Simple but works very well.

There are major things happening in the DJ industry at the minute with AlphaTheta’s purchase of Serato coming ion the next few months, if successful, they will effectively hold a monopoly of 70% on the DJ industry……NOW is the time for other DJ Software/Hardware companies to position themselves as a serious industry competitor………I have a couple of suggestions that I think would help Algoriddim and Djay Pro cement themselves for the future………

1.) I would like to see metadata editing. I know it may not be possible to edit the songs when viewing in the streaming services playlists, however I would like to be able to import into my DJAY Pro playlists and be able to edit the metadata there. It doesn’t even need to be advanced editing, just simple stuff like rating and comments.

2.) I would like to see a DJAY Pro account with cloud based backup/sync of all your playlists and cue points/loops etc. The ability to log into a DJAY Pro account on another/different device and all your stuff is ready to go would be a game changer for Algoriddim.
If DJAY Pro are wanting to be taken seriously by the “pros” and the industry as a whole, these pro features will help it get there.

3.) Increase compatibility with DJ equipment, allow more DJ hardware to use DJAY Pro, currently DJAY pro is limited to a handful of recent devices and aimed towards the lower priced and budget friendly end of the market, which is brilliant, but expand this to the higher-end hardware too to attract the industry’s attention.

4.) Overhaul of the FX. This section can become very daunting to a newbie. There are a lot of similar sounding FX, and to some, too many options can often be a negative thing. Maybe streamline and update the way DJAY Pro handles and delivers FX.

5.) Keyboard mapping for the iOS versions, iPad with Magic Keyboard has limited key mappings, and would benefit with an editor for those times you just want a little play without getting the DJ gear out.

I hope these things are not beyond the imagination and capabilities of the Devs at Algoriddim DJAY Pro……


To your fourth point, I believe that there is a feature request floating around out there to be able to use plugins that are commonly used in music production/DAW packages. You might want to dig around a bit to find it and add your support for that suggestion.
There’s also already been the call to edit metadata.
as to playlists being saved to a cloud, I partially suspect that is already on the dev’s “to do” list, because of the new capability to sign into a djay pro account to sync licenses. It’ll be interesting to see how that’s implemented - .csv files perhaps? the ability to share them to friends/followers/members?
The current version of the software is pretty diverse and hugely capable…something that doesn’t get discussed much here from what I can tell is the video aspect/functionalites. computers/devices today have all sorts of power that may be sitting patiently in wait for opportunities to show just what they can do that not many people have thought of yet, or tried to implement in their performances…you might want to ponder the mindset that it’s still early days for djay…
Let’s discuss among ourselves and forward some better cooked ideas to the people who do the work to put them in our hands, shall we?

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Ok you must work for algoriddim.
Your reply reads really passive aggressive when OP is just giving (free) feedback and suggestions to a company that asks for feedback and suggestions.

OP DavScanlon is only yaking the time to write it out becaus he enjoys using the program and want to see it succeed. So there is no need for the defensiveness…

Unless your a dev

They don’t. Algoriddim employees are clearly identifiable by their unique avatars and the words „Algoriddim Staff“ next to their usernames.

As for the OP, it is helpful if you break down your ideas into individual posts and find those that have been suggested already. Breaking them up makes it possible for other users to vote on them individually.

Thanks for the suggestions, but as @djjoejoe pointed out, long combined suggestions like this are not super helpful as they are difficult to track and to gauge user demand for each point.

Again as suggested above, please use the Search to see if similar topics already exist and add you comments and votes to them. If they don’t exist, please create a new topic for each suggestion so other users can upvote them and we can gauge user demand. Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!

Correct, I do not work for algoriddim.
I will however admit to being perhaps a bit condescending to the OP, a newb around here…but they should also acknowledge their poor netiquette in not poking around a bit to see how things are done here before leaving their laundry list.


There are already multiple search results for each item I have suggested, so whatever “system” you hold dearly to around here clearly does not work, it is simply impossible to track all suggestions, unless there is a consolidated master list pinned to the top of suggestions provided by Algoriddim on here, that us “newbies” to the forum can have a quick glance at.
My post was a simple “hello” and to discuss what new features I think are missing……
Show me a consolidated list and I will remove my “laundry list” without hesitation :slight_smile:

Actually, this is a really good point, and maybe @Slak_Jaw could raise it and institute the change to the system and the rules surrounding it: If algoriddim is focused on what users are saying (and I think they are doing a great job of it), the squawk with the greatest “me too!” count should get priority…but people need to vote and then submit bug reports/logs/system details for problems/issues and have a better way of keeping track of feature requests/suggestions.

But that raises the possibility that your machine might not be able to be supported anymore, so you have to be prepared for that and know it’s part of the deal…like my main rig can only do 80% of Neural mix because it’s an old intel imac on MacOS 10.15 - one of these days, and it probably won’t be too much longer, an update will not be available and I won’t have access to a feature that I might really want/need…so i hope that my subscription fee will continue to give me access to functionality that was in place before the update. and then when payment is declined, THAT should be the signal to upgrade my host. or maybe it would be a kindness to be able to purchase outright the final version that works on that machine with no support whatsoever as the condition…which is my current greatest concern beyond the scope of this thread. see why @DevScanlon 's suggestion is good???

You will get the best results by going to suggestions and sorting by vote. Follow this link to see just that: Suggestions - Algoriddim Community Forums

I agree that you have to have a somewhat advanced knowledge of the forum to find your way there. Also, the moderators do a good job of merging topics and pointing to existing ones, with the exception of posts from the old forum that existed until sometime 2020/2021. I guess this is where some confusion could come from. These topics are then locked, though, so you can’t write new messages anymore. Same applies to outdated topics where nobody has posted something for over a year.

Might be a good idea if we could somehow pin this link, maybe in this topic? About the Suggestions category @Slak_Jaw , what do you think?

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Apart from that, you won’t find a suggestion that goes „improve DJ hardware“ as it doesn’t make much sense like that. We all would want that but we also know that support comes device by device, that’s why each device should have its own suggestion topic.

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Good suggestion @djjoejoe. Done!

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