I would like to use djay 2 without having to pay for Spotify premium because I don’t want to waste my money on that and I don’t use Apple Music. So can you please allow us to use our Spotify account without having a Spotify premium?

Sorry, but I hope that never happens. I don’t know what you would have to pay but in my country it’s 9,99 € month. That’s fair enough and not a waste of money. I would pay even more if they would allow to use Spotify in public and let us save tracks for offline use in Djay Pro.

I’m with Andreas on this. Like really man, you want to play other peoples music for free??? It’s 9.99 where I’m at and WELL worth it. I am a member of various DJ Pools and you have to pay twice if not waaaay more than that. If we’re spinning, cutting, mixing, matching other artists music, shouldn’t SOMETHING be paid out by us???