Let users choose which library type to use!

I HEAVILY rely on using playlist folders to properly organize music for upcoming events (especially weddings). I organize playlist folders by date, then into event sections (i.e. - Ceremony, Reception, After-party), then by individual segment within the section (i.e. - Prelude, Processional, Recessional, etc). This used to work FLAWLESSLY the old way the library database was setup (using the internal iOS Music Library) and was a huge reason why I loved this DJ app.

However, now that Algoriddim has completely removed the ability to use the iOS internal music library (to allow for BPM viewing with their own, custom-designed music library), all us DJs who need organized playlist folder structures are completely screwed because all of the tracks just mesh together in an ugly, unusable mess!

Please give us users the option to choose what library model to use! Allow us to CHOOSE between the native iOS library (for viewing organized, playlist folders) or the Algoriddim library model (only useful for BPM viewing). Please make this available in the next update! PLEASE!