Library > Analyze doesn't work with Spotify playlists

Hi there,

When I open djay pro 2 and select a (spotify) playlist on the left side, I see that a lot tracks don’t have BPM’s (yet). They appear when playing a track, but I want to know the BPM’s all at once. The Analyze function should do that, but it doesn’t work here. Nothing happens when I click on ‘Start’, and it says (in greyed out font) that all tracks are analyzed (see screenshot). But that isn’t the case, still lots of tracks don’t have BPM’s.

Running Djay Pro 2 on:

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
  • macOS Mojave 10.14.6

Would be really great and time-saving of you can solve this issue. Big fan of djay by the way.

Thanks for your reply! Would be a great feature indeed. Loading every track on the decks is can be pretty time/consuming :).

This works in Serato with Tidal, and I would guess that these info would only be stored locally, and not sent back to Spotify, so I don’t see why this would not be able to work.

Analyze only works on local (non-streaming) tracks. Therefore it won’t work on Spotify Tracks if you try to apply it in advance. Only once you load it onto one of the decks.

From what I understand it’s not implemented in the Spotify API. It would be great if it would though in the future as it is possible with Soundcloud tracks in Serato.