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I think djay’s filtering functionality is one of its best features. To me, finding the next track is the hardest part of DJing. Smart playlists are good but they are too inflexible.

I meticulously tag all my tracks with “time” (day, chill, warm, peak, afters, etc.) and “feeling” (acid, dark, fun, dystopia, robot, etc.) amongst other things. I can then use the filtering options to quickly get to the tracks that would be best in that moment. For example I could activate the filters for “peak,” “fun”, “acid”, “vocals”, and “electro”. And then maybe turn off “fun” and turn on “dark” to switch the mood. Or whatever. Who knows what combo might be best next.

Here are some improvements I would like to see with library filtering in djay: (I have many ideas but these are my top 3.)

  1. Please let us re-arrange the filters. Maybe a tap & drag like we can with app icons on the iOS home screen. It would let me alphabetize and group filters together.
  2. For the BPM and KEY filtering options, please let us use the currently playing master track as a reference. For example “BPM within 8% of playing master track” or “key harmonically matches with playing master track.” (The Match functionality seemingly does this, so please make it an option in the filter section.)
  3. Pin the filters to the top of the browser list… don’t let it scroll away. I always want to see it.

Thank you! djay improves so much so quickly and it hasn’t crashed on me once.

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Hi @kokernutz,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. These are some great ideas!

I can see that being helpful. However, I’d like to point out that you can also activate the different filters in a specific order. Would that be an option for you?

That’s a really good idea, I’ve forwarded this to our developers. I’d like to point out again that you can highlight tracks in the same key when sorting by key, see the screenshot I added in this thread.

This has already been suggested to us in the past. The filter stays to the top of the library on Mac but (for now) not on iOS. We also believe this is really important, especially in large libraries. We’ll push this topic internally and let you know as soon as there is more information about this.

I’ll keep you posted here.

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Thanks for the response!

For your answer on 1, I don’t think your suggestion will help me. Here is a picture of what my “filter board” currently looks like… what I would like to do is be able to rearrange them so all the “Genre” options are grouped and sorted alphabetically, same with “Comment”, etc. Right now, I would need to remove them all and add them all back in with the grouping/alphabetization that I want. And then if I came up with a new tag, I would need to delete them all and re-add them in so the new tag would be in the right place.

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Thanks for sharing the screenshot. That’s actually a very smart way of organising your library. I can understand better your situation now. I’ve forwarded all three request to our developers and we’ll stay in touch with you about these.

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I would like to see, new Sektions inside the libary:
Label (i know iTunes is not supporting the Sektion Label)

Specially in tidal. I like in tidal that you get so much backround infos… would love to filter my tidal tracks in Djay much more to release year.

Thank you


Hi @Alexanderexpander,

Thank you for your suggestion!

This thread is similar to the thread I will link below:

We are going to be merging the two threads to better manage this suggestion.

Have a great day!