Library List Options

Might it be possible to show optional info in the Library. Wish I could see iTunes “Comments” (key matching, other useful info) instead of the often unnecessary “Album” column. Just a thought. Great software.

Again, adding to this. Camelot key information is crucial to easily do harmonic mixing. And we all want our mixes to be harmonious, no?

hey guys did you listen this requests…please do anything about this …in response to your consumers…

Yes this would be great

I’d like to second this…

I’m a long time Traktor user and professional DJ.

I use Mixed In Key to pre-analyse all my tracks and add the Camelot Key to the “Key” field in the mp3 meta information.

Harmonic mixing is very important to my workflow so I’d love to be able to view and sort by Key information.

Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
It is very difficult to choose songs when the tittle are cut !!!
Since this problem… some update… but nothing !!!
A lot of people talk about this BIG PROBLEM !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so …

I am going to insist until the problem is not solved !


The year column could be a nice option too, sometime searching songs inside a time period like 70’s for example.