Library maintenance with songs with "non working links"

Well, it seems that songs comes and goes when using streaming services and it’s kind of a problem to track down the songs that looks like they are not anymore in streaming platform like Tidal.


  1. There is no filter to find non working links to Tidal songs
  2. There is no library maintenance function to get a report of non working links to Tidal songs

As a suggestion : the refresh library could create a playlists like

  1. “songs not found from streaming services” i.e broken links to streaming songs

    • with actual library playlist it would be easier to check if same song has been uploaded just by new “trackid” to tidal or if that song is replaced with some new “remastered” version
  2. “songs not found from local drive” i.e. broken links to local files

    • there is the “relink local files”, but no option to store the query as actual library playlist

Hi @dj_romy_fi,

Thank you for your post!

This is an interesting idea and I see how this can be useful and beneficial for all djay users.

I will be happy to pass this along to our development team for future consideration, and we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback!