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I am currently looking into the possibility of switching from Windows setup to Apple. An iPad Pro setup using the Dejay Pro app almost ticked all the boxes. I’ve been playing around with the Dejoy pro app on my phone and i am so impressed at how good it is! The dev team have done such a good job. I would begrudge going back to Rekordbox.
The one area I am struggling to find a proper solution for my DJing workflow is meta tags. These are essential. I know this has been brought up before but is there a possibility of bringing this feature to the iOS version in the future? It would make Dejay pro hands down the best option on the market and would also make my decision on MacBook vs Ipad a lot easier!


Two additions to the iOS version would be -

  1. Adding a ‘Library tab’ somewhere. The only way (i can see) of accessing the library is when loading a tune to a deck.

  2. Assigning various colours to tunes. This would make browsing/finding tunes manageable.

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Thanks for the suggestions @Iamcubist. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.

Regarding, the Library Tab, simply select the icon below to bring up the Library View in djay on iOS

I don’t believe you can access just the library view on iPhone.

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Thanks @Slak_Jaw. I don’t have the same layout. I am presuming the iPhone layout is even more basic.

Yeah this is only available on iPad as there simply is not enough screen real estate on iPhone.

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Hi @Iamcubist, the dev team is asking for more details about your workflow(s). Also, which tagging features besides the obvious ones (starring, changing comments field, etc.) would you like to see?

Hi @Slak_Jaw, the obvious ones, ratings and adding customised tags would be ideal. They would seal the deal for me.

I organise my tunes into genre folders and rate each tune using star ratings (I could use colour similarly). I also tag the tunes with related subgenres and tags such as ‘vocal’, ‘peak time’, etc.

I hope this helps.

Is it possibe to rate, tag etc tunes within streaming playlists?

Thanks for the additional info @Iamcubist. No this is not possible with streaming music unfortunately.

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