Library organizing.

Hello there, I am an electronic music DJ and what I found that is really missing at Djay Pro 2 is a way to organize my library.
I would suggest being able to set a color to the music and also to search for it by using the filter. Another idea is to have a “star rating” on it as well.
I am saying that because I filter the music genre by colors, for example, House is red, TechHouse is purple, Techno is blue and by that, I know what I’m going to throw at my controller. In addition to that, I put 1 star in a song that interacts less with the crowd to 5 stars in a song that is going to make everybody dance.

Thank you.

We‘ve collected some thoughts around ID3 tags in another topic in this forum. Would be cool if you could upvote that since it seems to closely align with what you’re asking :slight_smile:

This topic might also be platform-dependent. Which platform are you on?

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