Song List Column Display

Please add the ability to bring in and choose columns And sorts for other tag values besides Song, Artist and Album in Songs List

Hi @DJDon,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community!

Could you share your exact djay version and operating system you are using?

@Lukas_E this is on iOS, regardless of device and version*. It’s just not possible to choose what the columns display but would be really helpful!

*I’m using djay 3.5.4 on a 6th-gen iPad running iOS 13.6.1

+1 I also support this idea

Just installed SongOwl and it is able to see a lot more information from songs, namely:

  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Year/Release Date
  • Album Artist
  • Grouping
  • Genre

Any chance of letting us see this inside djay?

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+1 to this - would love Genre in the display!

This and related ideas have been suggested multiple times:
@Algoridim: Please summarize the upvotes of all these posts :slight_smile:

Great idea…have to follow this to check if it’s possible :sunglasses:

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