Library question Djay Pro

I have used Djay 2 for some years, and now bought Djay Pro with a mac.
When you have a big library or playlists, in Djay 2 i’ts possible to sort by ex. bpm, and when you have lots of songs, you have bpm marks on the rigt side so you very fast kan make big jumps in your library.
In djay Pro i can’t find a fast way to make “big jumps”.
Is there a way to do that?

There is no way to make it like it’s in Djay 2?, that is a fabuluos solution to scroll fast in big categorys,

When you scroll up or down the “scroll cursor” appears on the right side of screen and if we are being honest it does not get much faster than that. You can go to the halfway point or from the lowest BPM to fastest BPM as fast as you can move your finger up or down…