Library taging feature

hi many features the library in djay already has…
but I would like to have a Feature what Rekordbox has. (or Beatport Pro, what I have used in the past for preparation) the possibility to advise to track different kinds of genre:
for Example: Donna Summer - I feel love : Baseline, Favourite, Electric, Synth, Paradise Garage, Classic, Secondfloor, Happy, CosmicDisco, Peaktime, Beat, Clap, 70s, Party, Disco, Electronic, Panoramabar, Vocal
these Tags are what I relate with this track :wink:

and I like to search for all tracks with the tag: baseline , then they show me all…



I have this functionality, but only on the MacOS version of the app (see below).

However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do view/filter by genre on the iPhone/iOS version of the App…

Here’s what I do:

  • tag the Genre of the track in Apple Music. I can tag as many genres as I want as Comma Separated Values.
  • on MacOS: I can view / filter on those genres, etc. (i.e. I have the functionality you describe in your post).
  • on iPhone: my workaround is to open Apple Music to lookup my genres… i.e. I have to switch back and forth between MacOS and Apple Music while my music is playing (it would be awesome if I could look at the genre column directly in the Djay app, without having to open Apple Music)

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Hi @Alexanderexpander,

Thanks for another great suggestion and much thanks to @Nuggets_Music for providing those creative work-around’s.

I’ll make sure this gets to our dev team for review!

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