Library Typed Search Automatically Loads Track into Pre-selected Channel

Hello, not sure if this is an issue for Mac, but currently on DJay Pro for iOS when you trigger browse with a controller and search for a track within a playlist (TIDAL playlist in this example) and then attempt to load the track, it will automatically assign it to the last selected deck. It does not ask you which deck you would like to load the track (1 or 2), as it does in the general library view.

The only way to circumvent this issue is to not trigger the library through your controller browse knobs and instead click on the album cover with the tidal logo button on the iPad above the decks (top left or top right in landscape mode) and then search. If you type in a track and load it, then it will load it into the correct deck (as you just entered the library from the previously mentioned deck button).

Currently, on controllers you cannot scroll with knobs in the search field (it just scrolls the general library view in the background) so this would be a great feature to implement as it would eliminate potential mistakes when loading tracks or having to remember to click back on the iPad for the correct deck before choosing to type in a search. Another precaution would be to add the same Deck 1 or 2 prompt you receive when loading tracks in the general library view.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated–thank you!

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Hi @Juan-Tenorio_Benites,

Thanks for bringing this behavior to our attention, and my apologies for the delayed response.

I’ve just reproduced the behavior you described in djay Pro AI for iOS, and this does appear to be a bug. I’ve passed this along to our Development Team to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted here with any updates.

Thanks again for letting us know about this!


Hi @Emily,

No problem at all–thanks for getting back on this, really appreciate it! Will definitely help a lot moving forward, so looking forward to it!

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