license conflict with older version of djay pro


I am using a macbook pro m1. I have subscribed to algoriddim yearly license via app store so I am able to use Djay Pro AI version.
However, I still got Djay Pro 2 on my laptop and would like to keep using it for some legacy features.
Unfortunately, it keeps launching in demo version asking me to purchase it. How can my yearly license for AI be used for my Djay Pro 2? Or where can I get a license key to run Djay Pro 2?


Hi @Vinavil,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Unfortunately, your Pro AI subscription does not grant access to djay Pro 2.

You would need to have already fully purchased djay Pro 2 in the past, and if so, you are able to restore access through the “Purchased” tab of your corresponding Apple ID.

So that I can better assist you, can you share what legacy features you are trying to use in djay Pro 2?

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and have a nice day!

There’s only one interesting legacy feature. :grin:

Hi Jru,

thanks for your support.
Actually, I fully purchased Djay Pro very first version in the past (2015). So indeed, I see that one listed in my purchased tab but unfortunately it is not supported by my Macbook Pro M1.
Is there any way I could get/purchase a separate license?

I never got used to migrating to Tidal. Simple as that. Spotify is my best mixing source solution. There is no way around that.