license for multiple devices

If I would install Djay onto three devices (Macbook, iPad and iPhone) then do I just buy a single license or is it necessary to pay for each version separately?

It’s different software for Mac and iPad/iPhone.

Macbook is djay pro.
Ipad is djay 2.
I think you have to buy it for the iphone seperate. Apart from the ipad version. Not sure about that.

Hi DJ Ivan,

djamagicmoments and Ben Roberts are right!
djay Pro for Mac, djay 2 for iPad and djay2 for iPhone are not the same software.
You have to purchase each software separately.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

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It’s also $3… It is possible for me to install iPhone apps on my iPad, for example Snapchat, (you have to click the little category button, top left in app store), is the reverse possible? iPad apps on iPhone? So is it conceivable that you pay $3 and install it on both iOS devices?

what does that even mean? “different software”. I doubt very much whether there’s all that much difference between the codebases of each platform version of the product.

Often, if you buy a license for a software product that is ported to multiple platforms then the license is valid for all different versions of the product, not for the specific version that runs on one specific platform. For example if you buy a license for PHPStorm (a programming IDE) then you can install and use it on both PC and Mac with the same license.