license key on second computer

Hi, does anyone know if you can install DjayPro on a second laptop under the same license key. I would like to have it on my second MAC as a standby unit instead of Mixxx.



Just sign into the app store and download it. As long as you are on a computer that has a sign in to the app store, you are good.

You NEVER have to log out or deactivate on the first computer.

Completely false. Just login to the app store and re-download the app on the new computer.

The NEW version of Djay is ONLY available on the App store.

No, you have to deactivate on the first one, to make it work on the second.…

The main reason I purchased via the Mac App store. I get to use Djay Pro on as many MacBook’s as I wish. I have it running on four of them and have even had three running at the same time.

Not entirely true. As VERY specifically and clearly stated by the official link from Algoriddim this ONLY applies if you purchased via the Mac App Store.

"If you bought djay through our online store:

On your old Mac, select “De-Activate” from the djay menu and authenticate with your admin password. This will de-activate the license, and show your license key for you to write down."

… seems pretty straight forward to me. Are you sure your issues with this software are not in fact issues at all?

You sure about that buddy???…

Thanks for all the replies, I went through the app store and downloaded onto my second Macbook pro and hey peso it works. Awesome. I can play simultaneously which is perfect for using as a backup.

Even the spotify integration worked.