Lightning Adapter to HDMI/USB for iPad not working

Hi all,

asking for curiosity, maybe somebody knows…

So apple does not have a dedicated adapter to send both hdmi and usb signals and charging from lightening. I had to buy third party.
Now, when is sending hdmi signal, the music stops so the controller does not receive the audio(that is coming from usb port of course)
The other way around, when the audio is coming from usb port to controller, the hdmi signal is no more working, i cannot se the video on monitor…

any ideas/solutions? I will ask for another adapter, but really i would not buy a new ipad with usb c only for this issue :))))
I really need to use video mixes on my shows…

Thx in advance!

Hi @DJKaraMad, from my years of experience, I highly recommend you avoid 3rd party lightning adapters. These adapters require special internal chips to work properly with iOS devices. There are many poorly made 3rd party lightning adapters out there that simply don’t work or may work initially then fail suddenly. Try to stick to genuine Apple Lightning adapters if you can. If you have to go third party, choose one that is Apple MFI certified, guaranteed, has a charging socket and made by a well known, reputable manufacturer. It’s been years since I used a lightning port iPad, so maybe things have changed and other users have some good recommendations, but that was my personal experience.

This is actually one of the main reasons I personally updated my iPad to a USB-C version. High quality powered USB-C hubs are much more common and reliable IMHO.


I think you once posted a link to the usb hub that you are using, do you mind sharing which one you have again?

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Hi @Slak_Jaw, thx for the reply! Do you have any recommendation for adapters?

This is the USB-C hub I use with both iPad and MacBook Pro.

Sturdy, made from aluminium (not cheap plastics), plenty of ports for controller, ext HDD / SDD etc.

Been great so far.



@sooteee yeah, but ai have a lightning port, the old one.

Any ideas/recommendations as apple does not have a dedicated hub for this.



There are a few options using a lightning camera adapter, but they tend to have a usb A output, and I don’t know if you could then get a hdmi feed from it using another hub.

Also, there would be a few adapters and hubs in the chain to make it all work (if it did at all), all these extra pieces are breakable links in the chain and not ideal.

Another issue I think you’ll have is that lightning ports by default are limited to 480 Mbps against a speed of 5Gbps and over (hub dependent) on a usb c port.

So the speeds aren’t there to output both audio and video signals independently from a lightning port, hence the issue you have where one or the other will cut out.

I think you’re going to have to live with the fact that what you’re after isn’t really workable on lightning, and a usb c upgrade would be needed to facilitate your needs.

Or another option (probably with a big latency issue) might be to output the audio from the lightning and Airplay your video stream…. Although this comes with its own set of issues…



This is the USB-C Hub that I use. I actually have it Velcroed to the back of my iPad case so it’s not hanging off the USB-C socket. Please note however, that unfortunately the hub draws power from the iPad even with nothing connected to it. There’s a LED indicator and some internal circuitry that can actually completely drain the iPad battery if left connected. I’d love to find one that has similar connectivity, but without the LED or perhaps with an off switch…

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I do not have any recommendations for Lightning adapters. Unfortunately, as you’ve discovered, Apple doesn’t make one with Lightning, USB and HDMI. It’s one or the other unless you switch to USB-C. I suspect this could be a limitation of the lightning connector hence why they only make this for USB-C.

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thx a lot @sooteee . I will order an Ipad with usb-c. Its clear!

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I’m going to do the same, time to upgrade to iPad Air gen 5

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I have ordered a new I pad! Case closed!

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