Lightning AV adapter plus camera sub adapter

I just got the lighting av adapter from Apple that has HDMI plus lighting connections on it. My question is if I got the camera adapter plus my powered sub hub connected. Can this be plugged in to the av adapter and let a midi controller as well as video to projector work? I already ordered a video sound splitter to get the sound to mix system and video to projector, I just want to get a controller to go with it.

You should be using the Apple (OEM) camera adapter kit (lightning to USB) to connect a controller and use its built in sound interface for optimal performance. Why rely on a sound splitter as you won’t even be able to monitor with headphones without losing Stereo output nor will you be able to use a proper microphone.

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unfortunately the lightning connecter only works in one way at the time, so you can’t send midi commands while giving a video output at the same time, sorry for that.
If you want to use a midi controller in order to mix via the vjay integration, Airplay should work out fine.

Hope this helps to explain things.
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Lukas E. 

Haha your funny that is what I am asking about. I have the apple oem lighting HDMI AV adpter, it also has a lighting female for charging.
What I’m asking is if the apple oem camera adapter kit you speak of will work in the port on the apple oem HDMI AV adapter I have.I will use a powered USB hub for a midi controller like my korg nanos. Will it all work?
I will still have que from headphone as the splitter I’m referring to splits the HDMIs audio and video after the adapter to go to projector for video and sound to the system. With this…
I am trying to get a controller, sound to system, que out headphones and video to a projector.
So your response has nothing to do with my question, but thanks anyway.

Ohh OK that’s a bummer. I tried the air play and couple things, no que to headphones plus latancy. I tried with new apple TV and AC router and latancy was not too bad but noticeable for sure.
I could deal with the latency if there was queing out headphones but dosent seem to work even thou I see the option too use.