Lightning cable and wego3 controller

How come I can’t use the lightning cable with ddj wego3 controller with the new Djay Pro edition for ipad? Just bought a replacement cable that now will be useless since it seems I need a usb camera adapter instead. What is the difference supporting wego4 and wego3 with the same cable? The new release just seems to make things worse.

Hi Frederik,

I am sorry to hear that.

Are you able to use your WeGo 3 with djay 2 or djay Pro with the lightning cable?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi Rik,

we are very sorry for the misunderstanding.

The controller is mapped but does not work as audio output source at the moment.

We informed Pioneer and hope to see a fix soon.

I am very sorry for that.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I tried the cable which came with the Wego-3 (DDE1145 cable )and that works fine with the new app.
I also tried the cameraconnection cable, connected to the USB B connector (with a USB A-B 2.0 cable) on my WeGo-3 and that worked to.

nope, I have the 7 day trial… I also tested it on another Iphone (with another apple id, without trial) which resulted in the message: “DDJ-WEGO3 connected. Upgrade to Pro to use the controller”.
So if you have the old Djay Pro or Djay 2, the controller keeps working. With the new Djay for iOs, you need a subscription. Your DDJ-WEGO3 had become worthless, because if you’d like to sell it, the buyer needs to take a EUR 5,-/ month subscription to use it. He/she can better invest in a DDJ-WEGO4, because that works without a subscription… (and you also get Rekorbox DJ for free)

Anyone looking for a DDJ-WEGO3? :wink:

I tried it again, now the unregistered version works with the “lightning cable” (see attached image).
The “lightning to camera cable” (EUR 45,- ) also works.
Very strange, because yesterday it didn’t work

I hoped that I could use the new app with my Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller, which unfortunately is not the case.
Maybe in the future!

For now the subscription isn’t necessary for me because I’ve already bought Djay2 and Djay Pro for my ipad and iphone in the past. So honestly, I didn’t even check it out for new features, as I’m a little bit disappointed that the DDJ-1000 doesn’t work (last week it was listed as supported, so I bought the lightning to Camera cable (EUR 45,—), now it isn’t listed anymore.)

Hi, yes that works as before, but o would be nice to be able to use your new software without buying a new cable. Why so few supported controllers through the lightning cable?

Thanks, so the list of supported controllers for the free edition i wrong?

Thanks, but will the Lightning cable work with the subscription version? The article says that you need a USB-connection for all other controllers except for the 4-5 controllers working with the free edition. If I need to both buy a new cable and a subscription I think it is too much to ask.…

“While the FREE version works with the controllers listed above plug-and-play via the controller’s Lightning connector, the following controllers that are available with a PRO subscription require a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter or USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (depending on your iOS device).”

Thanks, Fredrik

Ok, did not see any image but it seems a bit unstable at the moment… Seems like both cables work then. Would be glad if you can check in a couple of weeks and see if things stays the same. Are the new version worth the subscription? Nice features?