Line input, including mixing in effects, especially AI filtering

I really enjoy being able to filter vocals with the Neural Mix on demand while I’m DJaying, to be able to be heard during a song transition while keeping the beats going. However, I also would like to use a non-DJ source to mix in and through the filters and Neural Mix, and mixed in alongside the turntables. Is there a chance to replace a virtual turntable with a macos virtual device, like I can create with Loopback (from Rogue Amoeba)? I’ve stared at the manual and the interface and either there’s a way to do this I just haven’t stumbled on, or it’s a missing feature that I’d like to see added.

Yeah, I know an option is to record my external sounds and then add that to my local library and play that on a virtual turntable, but it’d be a lot easier to just take in a stream as a virtual “line in”.

I don’t think Neural Mix is possible via Line-In. As far as I understand, it relies on analyzing a whole track to understand and separate the stems. Doing it live would be a major feat but I would not think that that is possible. Regular effects are a different game. I don’t think that is possible right now but at least there’s no big technical hurdle like with Neural Mix.

Caveat: I‘m not one of djay‘s developers so I lack insight into how the app is written.

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Well, somehow Neural Mix is working live on streaming services like Tidal, so I don’t believe it has to analyze a whole track. I just want to “stream” my own content in, and have it AI-filtered.

This is misleading as the titles are buffered and downloaded beforehand, allowing them to be analyzed. This is also where the waveform comes from.

Ahh, yeah, duh. How could it possibly do that in real time? It would at least need a few seconds buffer, and that’d throw it off of the rest of my streams. OK, I’ll stop searching for this then. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that and hope that we will continue to see the technology evolve :rocket:

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