Linear cross fader level too low

Since the last update in March 22nd 2019, The linear setting is now way too low when dead center. Causing the chosen deck too sound way too loud after transition…this was not an issue prior to update.

Djay Pro v3.0.8
iPad Pro 2nd gen
iOS v12.2

The linear Crossfade setting is my preferred setting. Since this was new to this latest DJay version, I’ve had recorded 7 mixes that did not seem to behave this way. My first experience with both levels too low at dead center has been new to me since this last update.
Did your team change any settings on the linear Crossfade behavior on the last update?

Ok. I’ll take your word for it.

The linear crossfade setting has both tracks at 1/2 volume when the crossfader is at the center. Did you try the “default” curve setting? The latter has both tracks playing at full volume at the center. Let me know if this helps.

Hmm we didn’t change anything with regards to crossfader curves or mixer settings.