Link 2 iPads Together!

Link iPads via Bluetooth or something to sync them together and be able to do 4 deck Djing with a friend! Or, be able to have the 2 derks show on 1 iPad with the effects constantly visible on the other.

This is a very interesting idea actually.

I’ve just bought the Numark IDJ Pro for my iPad and I have to say that it kicks ass for something I’ve only used for two days having moved over from mixing vinyl for 10 years. It feels solid - but I only have two decks!

It would be interesting to link two Numark IDJ Pros together using some interface or other so that either iPad could get the audio or MIDI feed from the other iPad. It could be very useful for four deck mixing with two people, or perhaps the ability to sync tracks across both Numarks so that you can get some sort of feeling that both units are indeed linked together. Some possible uses:

a.) You could use auto-gain across both decks to ensure output across the board doesn’t exceed nominal levels

b.) You could light up the “Sync” button across all the decks when the BPM is matched. Handy to know you’re in sync without having to look at the centre of the “other” iPad

c.) You could get data from the “other” iPad about the tracks that are playing on each deck - so for B2B two DJ mixing you can stay in your own space but know what the other person is cueing up.

d.) You could “hand over” or “take” control of “Deck A on the other iPad” - with an on-screen control on your iPad to show you which Deck you’re managing. From there you could control:

Hot Cueing
Jog Wheel
Loop Functions
Maybe even FX and parameter

I really think this idea has merit and could possibly be made to work in a real scenario.

Thanks very much.

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This would be pretty cool if you had 3 iPads, the mixer and 2 decks

Since we lost USB card functionality and precueing in iOS 8, this idea can be great: use 2 ipads as CD players and sync 2 ipads over bluetooth

See this…

I think all devices are affected.

“Since we lost USB card functionality and precueing in iOS 8” What do you mean. Are you saying sound cards for iOS devices no longer work with iOS8 and Djay 2?

+1 BTW. I have like 5 iPhones (and 2 iPads) that I no longer use and keeping each in full screen mode controlling ONE deck each would be fantastic. Two things though I would prefer a wired setup and I would NEED them to read data from each other.

Thanks for that. Am I reading it correct that Powered devices are unaffected? Not the powered USB thing where it seemingly does not help but the interface itself? Unfortunately NONE of my hardware supports Djay 2 (only Djay Pro) to test myself.

Hey gang,

Ableton Link support / MIDI sync out / MIDI sync in… These things would get you most of the way there, no?

+1 on the idea if it helps establish the ability to sync with external drum machines.