"Link" not linking

I work with multiple apps including Ableton as effects etc. Also play with my wife, with her being on another computer, so need ableton link to work. I use it with traktor and ableton and Machine as well. Unfortunately I have tried and tried again, and Dj Pro will not find the other apps and “link”. Like I said, it works with everything else I do. Anyone have any ideas? I’m on Mac Osx 12.2. latest version of DJ Pro AI

I’ll keep saying this, I’d love to make the leap from Traktor, and really need to have things like this work, as well as multiple modifiers for Midi. I’d say this for any club/working dj. Like a lot of things about Dj Pro AI, so hoping it can happen!

Hi @adrenal,

Thanks for posting on the Community. Just wanted to check and see if you’ve run through our FAQ about Ableton Link here:

Could you also tell me if Ableton Link has ever worked in your setup with djay? Does it show a link with any of the other devices you’re using, or none at all? Have you ever been able to link with your wife’s computer, for example? Or has it just never linked with any other device at all?

No, Djay won’t even work just within my own computer with Ableton or any other app. Tried it a ton of times.