Link PDF to music file

I wanted to make a suggestion to be able to link a PDF file to each song. I have the lyrics written down for many songs, but have to search for the file in a different program to pull it up and then pick the song from my list in DJay. I wish that you could make button to be able to pull up a PDF file that the user has identified for that specific song. It would be great for use in karaoke.

I teach square dancing and use DJay to play my music because of its ability to speed up and slow down the music. I have set lyrics to the specific music files but find it cumbersome to have to switch between two different programs. If you were able to do this, I know quite a few other square dance callers who would be interested in this product. Right now, most of them use iTunes or other programs for PC’s.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share you idea with us, Mikael!