Linking videos on djay PRO AI (iPad Air Gen3) freezes the app

I’m exploring the various functions of djay PRO AI and loving it so far. However there’s some strange behaviour using Dropbox.

My mp4 videos are located on a Dropbox folder and I use the linked files section of the media manager to browse to the Dropbox folder and link them. Here’s what happens:

  • I have selected about 30 videos at the same time and nothing seems to happen so I reduced the selection to about 5 and that works. Is there a limit of how many videos/files can be linked at any given time?
  • After having linked about 50 videos djay PRO AI seems to hang. It takes for ever for the app to respond and I can’t play any videos
  • Walked away and did some work and after coming back to it after at least 5 hrs everything works fine; videos load instantly and play per normal; is there some process running in the background to build some local cache or something similar? Will the same happen the next time I batch load some video files?

Further to the above message I now get could not load track errors

Any idea what’s going on?

Most likely the Dropbox files are not local and need time to download. This can trigger errors.

Can be easily fixed by storing the files locally…

Ok so let me try make files available offline in Dropbox as this will download them and make them available on the iPad…

Ok so that worked; restarted the iPad and the files became accessible again. Thanks for the tip!

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You’re welcome.

@support - there’s some room for improvement (e.g. messages).


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