List of ideas/suggestions + problems!

So I’ve been looking around and finding common and significant issues and suggestions myself and others have been experiencing so I guess I’ll make a post about it all. There are posts on many of the things I’ll be listing but I’ll just create an all in one post.

Problems -

  1. Effects. When using effects I notice that as soon as I turn on say the echo effect, the volume (gain) of that track slightly drops which is annoying because I’d have to turn my gain up but when I turn off the effect the volume is too loud.

  2. Looping. When adding a manual loop the loop starts slightly later than where you actually start it causing it to end later which messes up the mix sometimes. Auto looping is also a little glitchy because say I have my track looped at 8 bars then I want to drop it do 4, 2, 1 etc, sometimes when dropping the loop for example from 4bars to 2bars the music goes to 2 bars before the beginning of my loop. So if the loop is at 2:47 (track time) and every loop should be starting at 2:47 but this messes and goes to say 2:45 when I lower my loop amount. This is bad because when I’m trying to mix into another song and do looping and it messes up the timing causing me to train wreck.

  3. BPM Detection. Whether its on High-Precision analysis or regular analysis there are some songs that just don’t get analyzed correctly or is off by a few beats per minute. I can manually beatmatch but the program won’t be able to properly loop with a correct tempo or even use effect properly.

  4. Auto-Gain. This is a great new feature and works ok but can be improved on a bit more. I find I still use music normalization on my mp3’s or having to manually adjust the gain in djay. Not a huge concern but something that should be looked at.

I think that’s all the issues, I can add onto this thread later if I ever experience anymore.

Suggestions -

  1. Auto Music Library Analyses. There’s a post on this already but I just want to bring it up again because this would save us lots of time when adding new playlists or whatever.

  2. Sampler. You guys have this for the iDJ Pro but for those who don’t you guys should add maybe four customizable sampler buttons. This would be a really nice feature to have and also have a volume/gain control just for the sampler itself.

  3. White on black music library. Djay has a nice dark GUI that looks great but when in a low light or dark setting (clubs, house parties, bars, etc) opening up that full screen library can sometimes be blinding especially when you have you brightness turned up (which I always do when DJ’ing). Maybe have an option in settings to toggle white on black on or off.

  4. Stereo Recording. This one is a big one and I think should be a no brainer. Mono audio sounds terrible and no one likes it. With iOS 6 this should be no problem to do. I know you can get stereo cueing and stereo main out using other hardware but why can’t there be an option to just have your headphones in the 3.5mm jack cueing your music in stereo and when you record that can be the “main out” which records in stereo aswell. Having this feature would make djay so much better, although it is an amazing program already.

Anyways, just mine and others problems, idea and thoughts all in one post. If anyone else has anything to add feel free to do so. Djay is an amazing app, Algoriddim did a great job making and improving this software and I’m sure will continue to do so. My $20 on this app was worth every cent IMO and I’m sure you all agree!

  • Baller95

I think you guys should add a feature in the track library that shows the key of each track because my tracks have been scanned through mixed in key and works great on traktor on my windows laptop but I think it would be amazing if djay for iPad supported this!